The day Mrs H fell silent…………..❀

So here is the craic ladies & gentleman i have been married to my gorgeous wife Andrea AKA Mrs H for 25 years & as the title suggests that maybe for 1 day of those 25 years she become silent I’m not saying that she is a “gob shite” or anything but she was actually silent.

This year we will be having our 50th birthday’s, Andrea’s in April & mine in May so we thought we would do a few things to capture the moment for our 50 years on this wonderful planet. We are both 80’s music fanatics as this is how we originally met at school then parted ways then eventually got back together blah! blah! blah! then we got married.

So the plan of attack was to go & see some 80’s bands, go on holiday then go on holiday again & see more bands. So a couple of weeks ago we went to see Mrs H favourite band Erasure at Newcastle City Hall we had a great night even though Erasure were not my ideal 80’s band but they were terrific on the night.

In the meantime we had decided to book up for Icons Of The 80’s in Carlisle which included Mrs H’s all time 80’s heart throb Nik Kershaw (she slept with Nik every night as she had her very own Nik Kershaw pillow case) ah bless her little cotton socks! So on the bill with Nik Kershaw were Go West & The Cutting Crew what a load of shite i hear you say! Go & see them play live absolutely amazing.

Meanwhile back to the drawing board i came up with a canny little plan if i do say so myself, i managed to get in touch with the management company who deal with the 3 bands named, first of all i had asked if i could possibly send some Nik Kershaw original vinyl down to get signed & explained about Mrs H sleeping with Nik Kershaw every night & she would love to have the vinyl autographed. I sent a couple of the records down to Matt (on 1st name terms now due to my constant emailing) I told Matt that we had managed to get tickets up in Carlisle & that Mrs H was very excited to see her 80’s idol.

By surprise Matt asked me if we would like to have a meet & greet with the Nik Kershaw on the day of the show, all we had to do is go to the Sands Centre where the gig was being played at 4.30pm & ask for Dave the tour manager, what an excellent idea i said, that would be a brilliant idea & continued to keep this from Mrs H as HUGE surprise. How was i going to get Mrs H there without giving the game away.

Saturday morning came we had packed the night before as we were staying over for the night, I was up before Mrs H so i decided to type out a false email to say that there had been a mistake with our tickets & several others could we attend Sands Centre at 4.30pm to exchange for new tickets. Perfect i printed the false email out & explained to Mrs H what had happened but not to worry as we would be getting better seats!

Arrived at Carlisle had a spot of lunch & a wander around the city until it was time to head over to the venue, we sat in the bar area waiting for the right time. Mrs H have you got the tickets aah bollocks i said they are in the car, so as i went out to the car i saw what possibly was the tour manager Dave, i asked him if it was ok to get tickets as we had been told to meet for the meet & greet with Nik Kershaw all sorted. i came back Howay i said, we have to pick the new tickets up. Dave met us & took us to the seating area of the venue, take a seat i will be a couple of minutes.

Mrs H still had no idea what was going on, she didn’t even see her 80’s heart throb on the stage sorting out the set. Eeeeee! i said look who is on the stage its only bliddy Nik Kershaw. Shut up man don’t be daft Mrs H replied, he looked over & smiled, Mrs H by this time was what i can say as a state of shock. Come through here Dave asked us & another 2 ladies who had won a competition on Facebook to meet Go West.

We were taken along to a room again we sat down on 80’s style plastic chairs like you would find in a community centre. Mrs H asked me what have i done! Then the aforementioned 80’s heart throb Mr Nik Kershaw walked through the door…………. Absolute silence …………… All the colour had drained out of Mrs H body …….. bliddy hell what have i done. Hi Nik i’m Peter, shook my hand & this is my wife Andrea, still in a state of shock. I had never ever seen Mrs H like this before she was absolutely star struck after meeting her idol. I was the same when I met Kevin Keegan.

The colour came back to Mrs H & so did the tears of joy when she finally realised that she had met her 80’s heart throb, then as if by magic she had found her voice in true hairdressing style. Mrs H beaming from ear to ear now & she kept saying how did you manage to do that!

Not only did we have meet with Nik Kershaw but also Peter Cox & Richard Drummie who i must say all 3 were absolute gentlemen & having saw them perform on stage they were all amazing. Mr Peter Cox stole the show for me as i didn’t realise what a powerful voice he had, I also think Mrs H had a crush on the suave Mr Cox (sorry Nik πŸ˜‰) as they all pumped out their own 80’s classics along with a few others from different 80’s bands. Fabulous night had by everyone.

Massive thanks go to Nik, Peter, Richard, Dave tour manager & Matt from the management company, you are all brilliant.

Ps I must apologise if my punctuation isn’t correct I’m just a shit blogger πŸ€£πŸ˜‚


Santa Eulalia Ibiza

So after completing the Great North Run on the Sunday it was time for me & Mrs H to fly off to see my family over in Ibiza in Santa Eulalia. My cousin, herhas lived on the island for nearly 30 years. We love this island & we still haven’t seen all of its beauty these are a few pics from our time over there Santa Eulalia is a lovely place to visit with it’s lovely marina with fine dining & quaint shops & of course we tried a couple of Mojitos just to be polite of course El Cafe on the marina was our fave place to chill after our walking expeditions. Also the local tapas which was tasty indeed. Here are just a few pics hope you enjoy from Hard Rock Hotel 80s night, Cala Llonga, old Ibiza town❀, Santa Gertrudas, Port San Miguel, Portinax & many more to mention.

2017 Great North Run…. Jelly Babies & Ice Lollies.

The big day arrives, the day everyone has been training for all those unanswered questions have I done enough training? Hope my reoccurring injury doesn’t start giving me jip, hope my nipple tape stays on and hope I remember the words to Ogey Ogey Ogey . Pasta at the local Italians the night before with my family Andrea, Jasmine & Jack & family from Lancaster uncle Geoff, aunty Sheila, Georgine & Becky , running again with my cousin Georgine for the 3rd time in a row. Alarm goes off at 06.30 eeeeeee!!! it’s here I send a voice message to everyone on Whatsapp staying over at ours. Showered and now time to apply the Rock tape to legs, knees and the aforementioned nipples. Andrea my wife starts getting sorted cups of tea, weetabix and peanut butter with banana on wholemeal bread bliddy awful if you ask me lol. Its 07.30 2 cars head over to Kingston Park to pick my daughter Jasmine up & also a quick hello to Norman the Pug. Everyone ready to drop myself & Georgine off in Newcastle before they head over to South Shields for the day to get their parking spaces. Hugs & kisses to all of our families & good luck all round. Right wor George (Georgine) we will just head up to St James’ Park just to get some healing qualities from the stadium towering over Newcastle. Wor George knows what I am like as I keep sending over the same pic of the stadium every time I go to the match. As we walk along you can see everyone getting dropped off and same good luck from everyone, everyone looking a touch nervous. Next stop the porta loos which are already 30-40 people deep (nervous I guess). Walking around we get a selfie with the Big Pink Dress man off Twitter which i had recently tweeted, as we head over we take a look at the celebs Davina McCall giving her interviews smiles all round but I guess a little nervous as well her 1st Great North Run, Brendan Foster North East legend looking good alongside Denise Lewis, Peanut from Kaiser Chiefs milling around and the lad from the Viz comics looking canny nervous lol. Costumes everywhere Batman & Robin, Spiderman, Hulk, minnions wedding dresses you name it we are covered by all super heroes and cartoon characters this is what the run is all about fun fun fun alongside some serious charity raising for charities from all over the world. A well deserved minutes applause for local TV legend Mike Neville another legend passing away. Race time is emerging time to warm up with over 50k people stretching their bits to the commands from the loud speakers all important for the 13.1 miles ahead of us. Alan Robson giving another great commentary before and the start of the race another local legend. Wheelchair racers get on their way with a huge applause followed by the elite Ladies and then the biggest applause for our very own marathon man Mo Farah. Off we go high 5’s to wor George and a good luck hug cheers and whistles along the way along the 1st mile along with the amazing Red Arrows flying over head and the song I have been learning Ogey Ogey Ogey I rembered the Oi Oi Oi what a tune 😁. Passing over the Tyne Bridge we see the Big Pink Dress man waving to everyone and posing for photos then all of a sudden it looked like he had fallen I tweeted him after the race he was fine just his pride. 1st mile went quite canny lots of high 5’s along the way amazing support again coming out in their droves see their loved ones & huge support to all the runners enduring this great run. Thousands of charity t shirts bobbing up & down each & everyone one of us with a great cause to run for.

There is a real buzz again about the place, some spectators are here for the day with their deck chairs & full picnic sets out, local bands offering their services along the way as always giving you an extra stride with the sounds coming from their little stages. This year I thought the weather was ideal although still a little warm those water feed stations do come in handy also trying not to step on the plastic bottles on route, again hats off to all volunteers throughout the run. As you get closer to Jarrow before the incline up to John Reid road crowds offering you freshly cut oranges by the dozen, sausage rolls, free beer, jelly babies, ice lollies you name it the spectators have it, as Chris Kamara says “unbelievable Jeff” water showers are a must they definitely do the trick to cool you down.

My cousin George must of been sick to death of me saying “You alreet wor George” “not long now wor George” “keep to this pace we will be alreet wor George” I bet wor George was secretly saying “shut the f*ck up wor Peter man”. We continued plodding on along the course along John Reid road we could smell the sea air I think it was the smell of sea air anyways 😁

As we dropped down to the sea front we were heading to the finish it’s a canny long way to the finish line but again the thousands of people clapping & cheering you on is totally amazing & carries us to the line. I pass with an Alan Shearer type goal salute hand in hand with wor George. “We pissed that wor George” let’s do it next year fist pumps & high 5’s again 2hrs 18m we are happy with that. As we walk towards our well deserved medals we see the legends Mo Farah & Brendan Foster interviewing as they finished the tv camera zoomed in on us “man look I’m on the telly”

Another great run & again absolutely amazing support from everyone involved with the run & spectators who without them runners wouldn’t finish the run I’m convinced. Also to my special little family if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t get to the race a huge thanks to our friends & family for helping us get to & from race day love you all ❀❀.

Thank you to all who donated to my Bone Cancer Research justgiving page as well tremendous πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.

Well lads n lasses I will look forward to seeing you all again next year for now I have a holiday in Ibiza to go to adios amigo x.

Mrs H & The Running Bug.

Hmmmm well where do I start with this running addiction spreading into our family. Running are you mad you will never get me running, I will never do the Great North Run. A few tweets to Rachel Cullen and showing Mrs H inspirational stories and the health benefits with the worldwide running family. I’m sure Andrea thought that when I was jogging I was nipping for a quick pint and a Greggs pasty not that I wasn’t losing weight I think she was curious as to why i was actually enjoying my runs so she decided to come out with me, new trainers bought, new trainers took back and more expensive trainers bought no blisters 😁 nothing serious of course just steady walking then jogging and within a few months Mrs H clocked up a 5 mile run even though she had it in her head that she couldn’t run further than 2 miles. The story continues, pics & runs to be published to help & inspire other runners starting off and encouraging them to push on as Rachel Cullen says Keep on keeping on. Well today not only Andrea but my daughter Jasmine have decided to join me if successful in doing next year’s Great North Run. A few pics of Mrs H and Mr H jogging exploits and soon look out for Jasmine joining the running family 😁. Mrs H pics from this morning following 2 weeks in Ibiza πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ #keeponkeepingon The story continues ……. #runningfamily ❀

1st day back to work following our holiday to Ibiza and Andrea wants to go out for a jog after work weather permitting or else she would go to Zumba after a few rain dancers during work I thought I might skip a jog tonight lol. So after the rain stops and a phone call off Andrea on way home she had already got her running gear on. I get home and within 5 minutes we were heading off to Newcastle Business Park for our normal run up to the swing bridge and back. Andrea sets her music to Best of the 80s & starts Runkeeper it’s a warm evening & a few out jogging & cycling along to the Newcastle quayside, run complete frickin hell Mo Farah what you trying to do that run was canny quick mind Mr H!! I’m going to Zumba next week lolol. The story continues πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ.

Β JustGiving – Bone Cancer Research Trust

Update will follow soon excited to be running this year’s Great North Run for #TeamBones Cancer Research Trust ive attached the link to my JustGiving page

A cheeky little run I was only going to do a couple of miles due to my knee hurting since my last run. Oops I forgot about my sore knee when I was jogging 😊. Is this normal? 

My knee pain isn’t there anymore when you get a niggle does it play with your mind? Anyway I felt great carrying out over 6 miles slower than my last jog.

10k personal best this afternoon #oldmanrunning