Old Man Running 

North East Old man running hoping to get a lot fitter in 2017 ran Great North Run in 2015 & 2016 which i intend to run this year’s and also 5k & 10k runs. #jogging #oldmanjogging🏃🏃🏃 

Previous exercise was almost 10 years prior before that i was playing football Saturday Sunday training Tuesday  & Thursday 5 a side on a Wednesday, then it all went tits up pardon my french 😉. 

So now in 2017 i plan to get fitter in & around my work schedule so far i have been out once and it wasn’t much fun i hadnt ran since Oct/Nov of last year.

I am new to all of this blogging so stick with me please and give me plenty of #inspiration #motivation please. #oldmanrunning🏃🏃🏃

So Tuesday was quite windy so i decided to try a different route which is closer to where i live and a lovely picturesque run along the river Tyne from Ryton to Wylam along to Newburn and back to Ryton stopping for pics along the way 😉.

In March along with my other small runs ive done a challenge by Runkeeper to complete 5k and 10k runs in March.

Instagram and Twitter i am connecting with new followers and hopefully i will be picking up valuable tips and training methods thanks to everyone who is already inspiring me 👏👏.

Hope you like my pics i promise to concentrate on running and not stop starting for pics 😊.

Thursday’s run saw me back in my old route along to Newcastle Swing bridge up to the Millennium bridge and past Staiths at Dunston with my new trainers Adidas Supernova which to be honest felt so good compared to my old Adidas running trainers that had carried me through my 2 Great North Run ventures.

A modest 8 miles which I really enjoyed love the views of Newcastle Gateshead Quayside on this occasion I never took any pics normally, well everytime I go there I take pics never tire of the views. So anyway here are a few of my timings and a sneaky peak at my trainers 😊😊.

Sneaky little run last week felt good to get out never realised how many different emotions and feelings go through your head when jogging. You could of had a day from hell and once you’ve started running you can digest things in your head you could say it’s kind of a good problem solver. Not sure if everyone would agree me though lol.

Well on my 4 days on at work 24/7 so next possible runs would be Thursday or Friday 😊😊.

So this year i am running the Great North Run for Cancer Research Trust, my father in law is currently undergoing treatment for this cruel disease. One day we will with the help of donations find a cure with extensive research.



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