It’s a Pug’s life -Norman The Pug ❤

If anyone that knows me would tell you how allergic I am to many animals dogs being the main culprit. So over the years I have never been attached to dogs my parents have a Jack Russell named Jack who is part of the family and again until recently never got attached because of my allergies including horses, cats and yep tennis balls 😅😅 don’t ask.

That is until my recently my daughter Jasmine and boyfriend Jack bought themselves a #pug named yes you can guess by the title Norman 😊.  What happened to my allergies I hear you ask lol well I have been taking allergy tablets to try and combat the sneezing, the streaming eyes and runny nose ( I still get these symptoms once Norman & Jack have gone)

I am putting some pics up so everyone can see how cute this adorable Pug is he is so loving wanting to be cuddled all the time and ACTION!!!  runny nose and streaming eyes 😖.

I hope you like my pics good or bad this little fella is playing my ❤ strings #puglife.

Normz is da main man in our lives, he has taken over our lives literally texting, whatsapping pictures & videos every day its becoming an obsession 😊. 


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