Jogging in freezing weather ❤

So after I finished work I decided to keep up with my jogging in between my work schedule. The weather I guess was about -2 at the time and never really fancied it, but I went out and I was only going to jog my normal route up the river Tyne to the swing bridge in Newcastle Upon Tyne. 

Once I got going in a mad sort of way kept on going and continued on my merry way to 7.3 miles which I thoroughly enjoyed.

If I can do this peeps anyone can you just have to keep motivating yourself to get out there, you don’t have to run far or run quick just take your time and build up your runs each and every time.  Plain and simple your not going to get fit sitting on the sofa watching soaps 😊

My new years motors #fitPete not #fatPete 😊

Have a good day peeps 🏃🏃🏃

Check out my run on Strava:


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